Is Religion the guide to self-identity ?

Many people today are searching for an answer to a question we all ask ourselves. Who am I? This is a healthy question to ask, but where we fail is the sources we utilize to assist us in finding the answers.

A friend came up to me and said they did not like Christianity because they believe they hold themselves at a higher stature then other people. He asked me what was the purpose of reading the bible, when we all know it’s been modified and that the “King James” version is aimed towards controlling people more than educating them on their faith and religion?

Now, I said that I think people need a guide, and that most of us look at inspirational books, Buddhism, Christianity, etc., as a book to show us how to raise our children, how to be a man/woman, and what is the righteous and unrighteous.

We were not born with a map on our arms telling us what our destiny will be. We were giving a spot inside of a damaged puzzle, and told to find our place. I personally don’t think I could deem one source superior over another in assistance to finding your purpose in life. Is religion the guide? You tell me what you think?  

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